2nd International Symposium on

"Integration of Molecular Components in Functional Macroscopic Systems"



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13 - 15 January 2014

Hannover (Germany)



Monday, 13th January 2014

11.30 – 12.30                        Arrival and registration at the conference venue ‘Conference Center Herrenhausen Palace’
12.30 – 14.00

Lunch at the conference venue

Session I Chair: Philip Tinnefeld

14.00 – 14.15

Wilhelm Krull, Secretary General, Volkswagen Foundation

14.15 – 14.55

Plenary lecture, invited
Inorganic voltage nanosensors
Shimon Weiss, UCLA, USA

14.55 – 15.20

Rolled-up microsystems for on- and off-chip applications
Oliver G. Schmidt, IWF Dresden, Germany

15.20 – 15.45 Cellular Force Generation in Quasi 3D Environments
Doris Heinrich, Leiden, Netherlands
15.45 – 16.15 Coffee break
16.15 – 16.55 Plenary lecture, invited
Mechanicals Systems in the Quantum regime: Cavity Optomechanics
Tobias J. Kippenberg, EPFL, Switzerland
16.55 – 17.20 Quantum sensing with diamond spins/Deterministic nanometer precision ion source for scalable quantum information processing
Fedor Jelezko, Ulm University and Kilian Singer, Universität Mainz,Germany
17.20 – 17.45 Integration of dielectrophoretic deposited carbon nanotubes and their reliability in mechanical sensor systems
Sascha Hermann, TU Chemnitz, Germany
17.45 – 18.10 Photoresponsive Materials Self-Assembled from Anisotropic Nanoparticles
Bart Jan Ravoo, Universität Münster, Germany
18.30 Aperitif
19.00 Dinner at the conference venue
20.30 – 22.30 Hotel check in, shuttle service to the ‘Hotel am Stadtpark’

Tuesday, 14th January 2014

Breakfast at the hotel
Session II Chair Jörg Wrachtrup
9.15 - 9.55 Plenary lecture, invited
Single-spin quantum coherence beyond 10 seconds in an isotopically engineered silicon nanostructure
Andrea Morello, UNSW, Australia
9.55 – 10.20 Endofullerenes Coupled to Shallow NV-Centers in Diamond for Quantum Computing
Wolfgang Harneit, Universität Mainz, Germany
10.20 – 10.45             Coffee break
10.45 – 11.25 Plenary lecture, invited
DNA is Not Merely the Secret of Life: Using the Information in DNA to Control Structure on the Nanoscale
Nadrian C. Seeman, NYU, USA
11.25 – 11.50 Bridging scales with DNA nanostructures
Friedrich Simmel, TU München, Germany
11.50 – 12.15 Carbon nano membranes based sensors offer a new system to measure adhesion force and osmotic pressure in living cells.
Matthias Schürmann, Universität Bielefeld, Germany
12.15 – 14.00 Lunch at the conference venue
Session III Chair: Guillermo Acuna
14.00 – 14.40 Plenary lecture, invited
Antennas for Light: Femtosecond Control on the Nanoscale
Niek van Hulst, ICFO, Spain
14.40 – 15.05 Electrically connected optical antennas
René Kullock, University of Würzburg, Germany
15.05 – 15.30 Molecular Mesoscopics
John Lupton, University of Regensburg, Germany
15.30 – 15.55 The Single-Atom Transistor: Perspectives for Quantum Electronics at Room Temperature
Thomas Schimmel, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
16.00 – 18.00 Poster session with coffee break
18.00 Dinner

Evening Event

Wednesday, 15th January 2014

Breakfast at the hotel
Session IV Chair: Friedrich Simmel
9.15 – 9.55   Plenary lecture, invited
Dynamic Molecular Systems from molecular switches to motors
Ben L. Feringa, University of Groningen, Netherlands
9.55 – 10.20     A molecular toolkit based on cyclodextrin polymers for surface materials with switchable tribological functions
Gerhard Wenz, Universität des Saarlands and Roland, Bennewitz, INM Leibniz Institut für Neue Materialien, Germany
10.20 – 11.45 Coffee break
11.45 – 11.10 Next generation redesign of metalloenzymes – old tools in a new light
Martin Winkler, Ruhr-University of Bochum, Germany
11.10 – 11.50 From Molecules to Materials
Colin Nuckolls, Columbia University, USA
11.50 – 12.15 Closing remarks & Poster Prize
12.15 – 13.30 Lunch at the conference venue

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