Nanofluidics & Particle Manipulation  (NP1)





Welcome to the website of the Junior Research Group “Nanofluidics & Particle Manipulation”!

Our international team is currently comprised of members from the Institute of Microtechnology and the Institute for Particle Technology and we are involved in the synthesis, stabilization, manipulation, and characterization of nanoparticles in microfluidicsystems.

TEM image of silica-polymer core-shell nanoparticle.

Microfluidic chip for solution mixing and droplet segmentation.

Micro-lens design and light focusing for the optical detection of nanoparticles in a microfluidic channel.

TEM image of zirconium dioxide nanoparticles, made by nonaqueous synthesis in benzyl alcohol.





The research topics of the Junior Research Group “Nanofluidics & Particle manipulation” are:

  • The generation, stabilization / dispersion and separation of standardized, spherical and non-spherical nanoparticles
  • The generation of defined particle aggregates for the characterization of application-related particle systems
  • Investigations of particle-particle and particle-wall interactions in the nanofluidic system
  • Establishment of electronic and optical precision measurements of nanoparticles
  • Investigations of hydrodynamic and electrokinetic transport phenomena
  • Analysis of the fractionation of particles by nanofluidic chromatography



Participating Researchers


Institute of/for ...


Dr.-Ing. Reza Ebrahimifard

Particle Technology r.ebrahimifard@tu-braunschweig.de


Dipl.-Ing. Peer Erfle Microtechnology



PhD student

M. Sc. Jil Möllhoff Particle Technology j.moellhoff@tu-bs.de



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Contact „Nanofluidics & Particle Manipulation” (NP1)



Dr.-Ing. Reza Ebrahimifard

Technische Universität Braunschweig,
Laboratory for Emerging Nanometrology (LENA),
Institute for Particle Technology (iPAT),
Quanomet Junior Research Group „Nanofluidics & Particle Manipulation“

PVZ - Franz-Liszt Str. 35A R. 356, 38106 Braunschweig
Phone: +49 (0) 531 391 65557






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