(7) Sales and Distribution Management

At the Institute of Marketing different studies in the context of sales and distribution management were conducted.

Using multiple channels along the buying process is common for today’s consumers. Therefore, the number of retailers that adopt a multichannel strategy, which especially includes online and mobile online distribution channels, is growing. Against this backdrop, one study investigates main drivers of consumer satisfaction in a multichannel environment within central stages of the buying process and the consequences concerning consumer behavior and loyalty. The results of the study show that satisfaction in the pre-purchase stage is a crucial predictor of consumer’s overall satisfaction with a multichannel retailer and in turn leads to loyalty to the multichannel retailer. Furthermore, the perception of the integration of channels can positively influence the satisfaction with the multichannel retailer. 

Further studies focused on issues of sales and distribution management in the context of the automobile industry

  • cooperative management between industry and retailers in automobile distribution;
  • new business models in European automobile distribution;
  • international vertical marketing-systems in consideration of management of importers by German automobile manufacturers. 

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