(4) Mobile Marketing

Nowadays, a major part of the worldwide population accesses the Internet via mobile devices (e.g., smartphones). This trend affects the way how people use media and how they consume products/services. For instance, today consumers use their smartphones at the point-of-sale to gather product information. As a consequence of this changed consumer behavior, marketers are increasingly challenged to take steps summarized under the term mobile marketing. In principal, this includes the following activities:

  • mobile communication of information,
  • mobile exploitation of information,
  • mobile sale of products and services. 

Against this backdrop, several research gaps emerge. Research at the Institute of Marketing deals with the topics of mobile retailing/shopping, mobile advertising and mobile research.

With reference to the topics of ‘mobile-based communication between consumers and marketers’ and ‘mobile-based shopping’ a Special Issue is going to be published by February 2017 in the journal Psychology & Marketing (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1002/(ISSN)1520-6793).

  last changed 21.12.2016
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