(1) Market-oriented Managament and business success

Traditional key aspects of research at the Institute of Marketing focus on market-oriented management and empirical research of success factors. The field of research encompass:

  • determinants of product innovation;
  • influence of market-orientation on business success in B2B and B2C industries;
  • importance of corporate identity and business strategy for the success of B2B and B2C manufacturers;
  • product quality and Marketing quality as success factors for business management;
  • influence of Corporate Social Responsibility and environment protection on business success;
  • impact of recession on market-orientation and business success;
  • success and success factors of strategical business consulting;
  • success factors of young companies of the TIMES-industries.

Further studies focus on the changing social framework of Marketing. Using keywords as „Aldisierung“ or „Discountisierung of the society“ they analyze the economic and social megatrend towards cheap purchases and its consequences for market-oriented management. Research in this field was published also in Russia and Japan.

  last changed 21.12.2016
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