(3) E-Marketing und E-Commerce

Different research issues in the field of E-Marketing and E-Commerce have been tackled at the Institute of Marketing. To some extent those studies supplement the research of  business success factors and international Marketing. Furthermore, they partly have relevance for academic teaching. This becomes particularly obvious in a cooperation project called "Global Classroom", which was conducted with the University of Rhode Island (Chai K. Kim; Norbert Mundorf) and was supported by the government of the US. It dealt with the question if an international course, based on the internet and called "E-Mail Debate" improves intercultural sensitivity of the participants and can therefore be recommended as a  permanent addition to an academically education program. 

Further studies analyze the use of the internet for strategical Marketing issues and aspects of the Marketing-Mix in the context of different countries and industries. Some of those studies were also conducted in cooperation with the University of Rhode Island (Ruby Roy & Nik Dholakia). The field of research,partly published in the US and Korea, encompass:

  • success factors of consumer-oriented E-Commerce;
  • internet-auctions from consumer perspective;
  • delivery as a problem in Marketing in the context of B2C E-Commerce;
  • the future of mobile commerce;
  • Marketing standardization in international E-Commerce;
  • market-oriented E-Business in Germany and the USA.

Another field of research is online consumer behavior. In this context, one study introduces a new approach measuring unplanned purchases on the internet. Different types of unplanned purchases are identified and their frequency is estimated. Furthermore, the effect of main determinants of unplanned buying on the internet is analyzed.

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