(6) Business to Business Marketing

At the Institute of Marketing, research efforts in the Business to Business section currently focus on the market-oriented evaluation of additive manufacturing processes. In this context, an increasing technology orientation may be perceived amongst different management tasks that are considered to be heterogeneous in any case. This requires the definition and classification of adequate interfaces between various processes on the one hand and initial points for an appropriate setup of the instruments of the marketing mix on the other hand. Aiming at the determination of technology-driven economic implications and a subsequent evaluation of options for customer satisfaction metering in the respective context, a qualitative study will lead to fundamental findings regarding the future potential of additive manufacturing processes, whereas the focus will be given to the consideration of specific mechanisms in B2B settings.

Another study has focused on customer satisfaction in the context of B2B business relationships. The influence of the quality of partial performances, the quality of interaction and the price fairness on the overall satisfaction of industrial customers was analyzed using PLS. 

Further studies in the B2B context can be found in the research areas of distribution managementbrand management and market-oriented management.

  last changed 21.12.2016
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