From 2012 to 2013, TU Braunschweig went through a strategy process, during which objectives and values were defined. It showed that excellent teaching and attractive study conditions form part of TU Braunschweig’s self-image.

In the years since, the continuation of this strategy process has involved university-wide expert groups and working groups preparing papers that provide a basis for the development of teaching and study at TU Braunschweig.

The “#soläuftshier” (What it’s like here) campus guide looks at the relationship between the university and its students, and at the attributes that TU Braunschweig would like to encourage in its graduates.

The “Good teaching at TU Braunschweig” (Gute Lehre an der TU Braunschweig) working paper comprises 10 standards and guidelines for teaching design, illustrated with examples from a range of disciplines at TU Braunschweig.

The “Media in teaching and study” (Medien in Studium und Lehre) strategy paper provides a framework for orientation for the procurement, provision and use of media in teaching and study at TU Braunschweig.

As part of its internationalisation strategy, recommendations for language policy at TU Braunschweig (Empfehlungen zur Sprachenpolitik an der TU Braunschweig) were developed, which set out standards for handling language education and multilingualism at the university.

Based on the language policy, a handout “Courses held in English” (Englischsprachige Lehre) gives recommendations for offering courses held in English. In particular, it provides information on how to indicate such courses in the module handbooks and lists of courses, on examination rules, and on making international students aware of the existence of courses held in English.


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