Praktikum Entwurf von IoT Netzwerken und Systemen (NoTE Lab)

  • Name:    Network-of-Things Engineering(Praktikum Entwurf von IoT Netzwerken und Systemen)
  • Course number:      2416143
  • Type:     Laboratory
  • Lecturer:     Prof. Dr. techn. Admela Jukan, Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Bziuk
  • Term:     Summer and winter term
  • Date:     Begin: see below
  • Semester hours:     4
  • Lecture number(s):     0
  • Examination type: Oral
  • Language:English


The time-schedule would be agreed on with the interested students.

Anmeldung:     Donnerstag, den 23.04.2020, 17:00 Uhr

                             Raum 1111, ET-Hochhaus (Hans-Sommer-Straße 66)

Postponed until further notice (lab involves a physical presence)



Study courses Diploma:

  • Elektrotechnik: Specialization Communication Networks (compulsory elective)
  • Informatik: Minor field of study Communication Networks  (required)


  • Elektrotechnik: Communication Technology - Communication Networks (elective)
  • Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Elektrotechnik: Lab Electrical Engineering (elective)
  • Informations-Systemtechnik: Elective field of study Communications Engineering - Communication Networks  (lab)
  • Informatik: Minor field of study Communication Networks (elective)

The students are advised to take the classes in "Kommunikationsnetze" and "Internet Lab" before taking this class or seek the approval by Prof. Jukan to take up on the class project assignments.

Credits, language and exam

  • Credits: 4 or 5 credits depending on the number of SWS.
  • Language: English.
  • Course Assessment: oral exam after completed lab units

Lab is limited to 6 students. Students willing to attend this lab in SS 2019 are kindly asked to register by sending an email to  <>.


Description of the NoTE Lab

This lab is intended for students interested in the boundaries of embedded hardware and software through the design of a network of connected devices. It will guide students through the components used to connect devices to the internet and give them a hands-on experience using actual hardware and software as well as realistic network topologies. It covers topics like software development on resource-constrained embedded devices, network protocols used in the IoT, local data processing in edge/fog and cloud-based data processing with a main goal of developing a system solution for an IoT edge-to-cloud scenario. Through different exercises students will be introduced to the concepts of edge/fog and cloud computing and their role in the Internet of Things. After completing the lab, students should be able to create their own simple IoT edge-to-cloud network solutions.


NoTE Lab scenario

notelab scenario
Bildnachweis: Jasenka Dizdarevic/TU Braunschweig

Work Environment

Build your own network with following components

  • 4 Raspberry Pis:

    • Operating system: Raspbian

  • 1 PC Server:

    • Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04

  • 8 Microcontrollers

    • ESP8266

  • Sensors

    • Temperature sensor

    • Motion sensor

    • Ultrasonic sensor

  • 4 WLAN Netgear R6120 routers

  • Switch
  • Twisted pair cables

  • Display, keyboard, mouse, micro usb cables

  • LEDs

NoTE Lab hardware setup

hardware setup
Bildnachweis: Jasenka Dizdarevuc/TU Braunschweig

Lab content

The NoTE Lab consists of five following units:

  • Introduction

    • Internet of Things with concepts of edge/fog and cloud computing

    • Communication protocols: REST HTTP and MQTT

    • Description of the scenario for the lab

  • Internet of Things

    • Configuring microcontrollers

    • Connecting sensors and actuators

    • Setting up RPi to act as WiFI access point

  • Edge computing

    • Setting Raspberry Pi device as a MQTT broker edge computing node

    • Basics of MQTT publish-subscribe structure

    • Establishing communication based on MQTT protocol between IoT nodes/devices and edge node (MQTT bro-ker)

  • Cloud Computing

    • Configuration of the Firebase real-time database in the cloud

    • Setup of an Kafka based aggregating node which will forward data from the MQTT Broker to the cloud

  • IoT-Fog-to-Cloud communication

    • Development of an MQTT-Kafka bridge solution

    • Implementation and deployment of the whole IoT-to-edge-to-cloud system architecture


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