Powerful Storytelling for Academics - online Plätze belegt - Warteliste möglich

This workshop is dynamic and interactive. You will work in groups on various exercises (including work on voice, body language), actively presenting and applying your skills to real-life situations where you need to be at your most persuasive.

Stories are wonderful tools for making the complex and the abstract real. Stories are »data with soul«. So, whether you are applying for funding, helping students to relate to and understand complex concepts, or engaging the public at a conference, your success will depend on how well you communicate. This two-day course will be delivered online through Zoom. It is a highly interactive and practical workshop that focuses on strengthening your storytelling powers by exploring why stories are your most powerful communication tool and how you can use storytelling skills to inspire yourself, your communities and your students.

Inhalte sind ...

  • Develop your creativity in order to engage your audiences
  • Present your discipline-specific topics or research in a more original and compelling way
  • Deliver sections of lectures that relate to students and grab their attention
  • Powerfully connect with audiences and build the reputation of your department, faculty and/or university

  • Workshopleitung:
    Andrew Weale

    Veranstaltungszeiten Termine
    07.09.2022, 10.00 bis 18.00 Uhr
    08.09.2022, 09.00 bis 17.00 Uhr

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