Sim2Pro - Multi-Level-Simulation of Product-Process-Interdependencies

Initial Situation

The intermediate and final products of battery cell production are subject to fluctuations. Those fluctuations are caused by statistical uncertainties but can be influenced by a targeted selection of process parameters. Industrial processes need to comply with prescribed tolerances, which affect product parameters along the process chain and the final product performance. Knowledge of the effects of modified process and product parameters along the process chain allows a more efficient production of battery cells. Using simulation knowledge-based tolerances need to be determined to quantify how various process steps influence each other.


The aim of the project is modeling the entire production process under consideration of environmental conditions acting on the machinery. A special focus lies on the interactions of probability-distributed product parameters. In addition, a model which can determine the cell performance by understanding the product parameters is created by the Institute of Energy and Process Systems Engineering (InES). Based on those two models, the interaction along the steps of the process is analyzed.


Foremost, all relevant product and process parameters of the battery cell production are recorded. Later, the parameters are used to develop a model of the production system. Furthermore, a separate model describing cell performance will be developed. Both models are linked in order to predict battery quality based on relevant product and process parameters and vice versa. After validating the model, sensitivity analyses are conducted to improve battery cell production.

Contact person:

Matthias Thomitzek

Project profile:

Funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Duration: 08/2016 - 07/2019
Project partner: Institut für Energie- und Systemverfahrenstechnik (InES)

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