Cross-sectional Group 6 | Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Engineering in the Center of Pharmaceutical Process Technology (PVZ - Zentrum für Pharmaverfahrenstechnik)

Challenges and goals of the Center of Pharmaceutical Process Technology and the cross-sectional group of pharmaceutical manufacturing engineering

The security and improvement of medical services for our society with a simultaneously avoidance of a cost-explosion in the health service creates a global challenge. Many medical therapies, especially the increasing of diseases due to old age, e.g. cardiovascular disease and cancer, challenges researchers still. To cope these challenges, new methods for pharmaceutical and procedural efficiency based on development and supply of cheap and effective medicine will be generated. New methods and processes will be the keys for personalized treatment, which will be feasible with personalized medicine. This leads to better treatment success for diseases like cancer. These goals are intensively pursued by several teams.

  • Department 1 | Pharmaceutical and Biological Processes
  • Department 2 | Pharmaceutical and Chemical Processes
  • Department 3 | Formulation and Packaging Technology
  • Department 4 | Microdevices and Analytics
  • Cross-sectional group 5 | Multi-scale Simulations of Pharmaceutical Processes
  • Cross-sectional group 6 | Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Engineering

In the cross-sectional group 6 | Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Engineering, headed by prof. Prof. Heike Bunjes  and Prof. Christoph Herrmann, integrated research questions for a sustainable manufacturing technology of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) will be investigate based on processes developed by the other internal departments. The following main topics of the cross-sectional group 6 are adressed:

  • Digitization and Cyber-physical production systems (CPPS) in pharma manufacturing
  • Innovative Manufacturing Concepts
  • Energy and resource efficency in manufacturing processes
  • Life Cycle Engineering
  • Scale-up | Scale-Down

The goal is the elaboration, evaluation, optimization and deployment of a customized manufacturing technology in consideration of specific regulatory, from a system technical point of vies, infrastructural and operational boundary conditions of a pharmaceutical manufacturing for the scale of the PVZ.


Research focus and research projects of the IWF

The main projects of the IWF in the cross-sectional group 6 and in consideration of the "Pharmaceutical Factory of the future” are:

  • innovative manufacturing concepts for economical medicines
  • Digitization and Cyber-physical production systems (CPPS) in pharma manufacturing,
  • innovative packaging technology as well as
  • sustainability aspects in procedure preparation and evaluation.

A main focus is on the scale-up, the continuous manufacturing, packaging technology, the efficient usage of energy and production resources as well as Life Cycle Engineering.

Contact persons

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Thiede

phone: +49/531/391-7152
E-Mail: s.thiede@tu-braunschweig.de

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M.Sc. Niels Martin

phone: +49/531/391-7693
E-Mail: n.martin@tu-braunschweig.de

Arian Fröhlich

M.Sc. Arian Fröhlich

phone: +49/531/391-7645
E-Mail: a.froehlich@tu-braunschweig.de

For further information about the Center of Pharmaceutical Process Technology visit the homepage of the PVZ. For further information about the cross-sectional group Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Engineering visit the homepage of QG6.

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