ILehLe - Die Intelligente Lehr-Lernfabrik

The advancing fourth industrial revolution entails a shift in jobs and related requirements. In employment and training, employees, apprentices and students are faced this change. For companies and educators, it is a challenge to provide and provide the further required qualifications.

Within the framework of the ‘Bringing technology to the people’, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany (BMBF) is committed to further optimizing the interplay between humans and technology. One question that arises is how to transfer the necessary competencies and expertise, especially in the context of demographic change. With the answer to the question how this can happen in the industrial environment deals the Intelligent Teaching-Learning Environment - ILehLe for short.

In our everyday and professional life, people tend to focus on visual stimuli. The ILehLe project examines how alternative sense channels can be addressed. Intuitively, problems or the state of the system can be experienced and an additional sensitization can be achieved. By the acoustical reproduction of clocks on machines, harmonies and disharmonies can be clarified; vibrations point to a plant-damaging mode of operation.

In order to provide optimal support for the learners, in-tech GmbH is engaged in the development of an adaptive learning management system. It recognizes the current learning progress of the individual learners, can provide individual support and personalized tasks to strengthen uncertain skills. At the end of the learning process, all learners have the skills that were previously set in the system.

SDZ GmbH is expanding the physical learning environment virtually to give a greater depth to the learning scenarios. In this way, it is possible to present completely new relationships, which would otherwise only be possible through larger and more expensive learning factories. Another positive aspect is that virtual expansion can overcome technical limitations. If applications cannot physically be implemented in the concrete learning-learning environment or can only be implemented with considerable financial input or expenditure of time, these can be performed virtually. A simulation running in the background changes the behavior of the learning factory as if a physical change had been made.

The “Intelligent Products” supports learners in the process and simplifies measurements, e.g. throughput, energy input or product quality. The products communicate wirelessly and collect and store measured values automatically while passing through the production. These indicators can be visualized on demand by using RGB-LEDs.

Two demonstrators will be implemented as part of the project. At the Institute of Machine Tools and Production Technology, the existing Experience Lab will be extended by the mentioned components. The curriculum mainly cover topics and methods of energy and resource-efficient production. The target group are students of the lectures Engergy Efficency in Production Engineering and Sustainable Cyberphysical Production Systems as well as trainees of technical-industrial training courses. The second demonstrator is of an industrial nature and is located at the Wolfsburg site of Volkswagen AG. Here, production-specific teaching content will be taught according to the knowledge of the workers, team leaders and foremans. Through the virtual extension, the behavior in unusual situation can be trained.

In the laboratory events, the students become the user in addition to part of the experiment. The AOS scientists conduct researchers, conducting interviews and video recordings. Based on these observations and data a study is carried out, which analyzes the interaction of the students with the learning factory and the learning behavior. A parallel survey among students of a comparable lecture at the University of Kassel is also intended to highlight the usefulness of learning factories in teaching.

The duration of the project covers three years and ends in April 2019.

Project Partners

  • TU Braunschweig, Department of Industrial/Organizational and Social Psychology

  • in-tech GmbH

  • SDZ GmbH

  • Volkswagen AG (Project Coordination)

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Learning Management System, Teaching/Learning Systems, Multi-Sensory Feedback, Engineering Didactics, Learning Factories, Energy and Resource Efficiency

Project Duration:

05/2016 to 04/2019


Bastian Thiede, Gerrit Posselt


Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Federal Ministry of Education and Research), TU Braunschweig Project „ILehLe“.


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