Galvanik 4.0 – Development of a secure and efficient large scale electroplating technology of high-strength connecting elements for the automotive industry

Motivation and Objective

A new electroplating process at the company Ruhl is to be brought to industrial maturity. Currently, the process is not stable, which is - among other things - due to the large number of process parameters whose interactions and dynamic dependencies are not fully known. The IWF supports the industrialization of the process with the development of a software environment that is capable of mapping the multiple (dynamic) dependencies in terms of a multi-criteria optimization and to prepare the results so that they can be used as process control variables.


  • Measurement campaign to identify influencing process parameters
  • Modeling of unit processes and the process chain with empirical and physical approches
  • Development of a simulation framework for the evaluation and forecast of production programs and parameters
  • Development of a Life Cycle Prediction Models
  • Employment of simulation results as process control signals
  • Integration of simulations into plant operations and ERP / MES systems

Figure: Cyber physical system for controling the electroplating process

Project partners

  • Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Fertigungstechnik (IWF)
  • Institut für Industrielle Fertigung und Fabrikbetrieb (IFF)
  • Ruhl GmbH & Co. KG
  • Softec AG
  • DiTEC GmbH
  • eiffo eG
Project duration:



Alexander Leiden

Funding: AiF ZIM

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