EnHiPro – energy and auxiliary materials optimised production

Based on the lack of consideration of ecological aspects and the perceived lack of decision support for SMEs, the project EnHiPro (energy and auxiliary materials optimised production) focuses on the analysis and evaluation of measures to increase energy and auxiliary material efficiency in production systems of SMEs. Within the project EnHiPro several approaches and associated methods / tools have been developed to support  manufacturing SMEs how to determine organizational and technical measures to increase efficiency and how to evaluate their economic and eclologic impact.

The project is divided into four thematic work packages. The Essential approach is the integration of measurements of energy and auxiliaries consumption in the existing operational ERP data world. Thus, providing an integrated view of environmental and production goals parallel to conventional performance indicators such as cost, time and quality in planning and control of production. In addition, the integration of appropriate visualization and assessment tools enables a continuous derivation of efficiency measures concerning the use of energy and auxiliary materials. Besides the prototypical implementation and the validation of the approach and the methodology in manufacturing companies within cross-sectoral industries, another result is the development of a universal catalog of measures to increase energy and resource efficiency. For more information see the project website www.enhipro.de.

The results of the publically funded research project are available through Springer publishing as a soft-cover brochure or as a e-book.

On top of that a communication concept has been developed within EnHiPro, called: "Die Lernfabrik", which is meant to disseminate the research and application results in a physical workshop environment. Die Lernfabrik will not only show EnHiPro results in an interactive way but also other research outcomes with the theme of "Sustainable Manufacturing and Life Cycle Engineering".

EnHiPro is one of 31 parallel funded reseach projects within the scheme "research for tomorrow's production". The overview and exchange between the 31 projects is hosted and managed by the "Effizienzfabrik".

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Production management, sustainable production

Project Duration:

01.06.2009 – 31.5.2012


Gerrit Posselt


Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Project execution organization:

Project Management Agency Karlsruhe (PTKA)



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