Cooperative project: Project results database and communication management for the battery cell production cluster ProZell (EMKoZell)

Starting point

The production of battery cells is a succession of complex single processes, in which many different industrial sectors are involved, such as the chemical industry, industrial and mechanical engineering. The overall aim is to produce low cost battery cells with high efficiency and high quality. However, there are still gaps in the detailed scientific description of the complex processes of cell production, since research institutions may not be able to work alone on all aspects at such different levels and on all the complex interactions among materials. On the other hand, every research institution active in the field of battery cell production is characterized by high competence in individual as well as complementary aspects of electrode and cell manufacturing. The variety of scientific questions that derive from the complexity of the battery cell production can only be effectively dealt with through the cooperation of relevant research institutions.


The battery cell production cluster ProZell researches relevant topics for the development of a national battery cells production in Germany, through collective work of research institutions. The goal of ProZell is to understand in detail, scientifically describe and improve the production process of battery cells, its impact on cells‘ properties and its costs; as well as to further develop new generations of batteries. Thereby, the scientific basis for the establishment and the sustainable development of an internationally leading and competitive battery cell production in Germany will be established.  

The top-notch coordination of the cluster, the organization of research colloquium and workshops and a periodic progress control will strengthen the integration between individual and cooperative projects. By means of constant communication between research projects and the management of the cluster, in which the industry is also represented, a tight networking  in the expertise cluster will be established; and, likewise, a solidary alliance between science and industry.

Within EMKoZell, IWF developes a database system which aims at meeting the cluster‘s needs and requirements. The system will allow a structured knowledge merging and the usage of research results of the cluster projects. Consequently, the collected data and the empiric and analytic modeling for process-quality-characteristics-functions and process-costs-functions derived from them will be available to all the research institutions in the cluster. The database system is an essential part in the overall assessment of the research results of the cluster for battery cell production and shape, as a whole, the basis for future initiatives, along with the industry in the field of batteries in Germany.


M. Sc. Nicolas Bognar

Project profile

Funding: BMBF within the ProZell cluster

Duration: 42 months, start: 06/2016

Partners:  Institut für Partikeltechnik (iPAT), TU Braunschweig (Project coordination)

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  last changed 20.03.2017
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