EMC2-Factory – Eco Manufactured transportation means from Clean and Competitive Factory

According to the International Energy Agency, manufacturing is responsible for approximately 37% of global primary energy consumption being the largest energy consumer and CO2 producer. Improvement of energy/resource efficiency is the key to reduce environmental impact and is mentioned as driver to achieve European 20/20/20 goal. Hence, European manufacturers have to rethink their current ideas about design and management of manufacturing systems, to take a significant step towards the new resource/energy efficient, sustainable factories.

EMC²-Factory project will aim at enabling European manufacturing industries to overachieve Europe 2020 program targets through development of a breakthrough paradigm for cost-effective, highly productive, energy-efficient and sustainable production systems, through:

  • Definition of a holistic perspective of the economically and ecologically oriented factory;
  • Development and evaluation of new enabling technologies to guarantee resource usage and emission reduction in manufacturing systems;
  • Development and extension of new factory design, planning and optimization tools to improve energy/resource efficiency, exploiting building-production equipment interaction;
  • Provision of integration reference models and guidelines to support the shift towards new sustainableproduction;
  • Definition of standards for economically and environmentally sound factories.

EMC2-Factory will improve and develop new technologies and processes, combining existing tools and methods in an overall integrated framework, to achieve economic and ecologic factories. It will focus on main energy intensive processes within the most relevant industrial sectors in Europe (automotive, rail and aerospace), developing tangible and industry relevant results to be easily implemented in cross-sectoral manufacturing environments. To assure the impact on European economy, EMC2-Factory partnership includes main Industrial players (as well as SMEs) in manufacturing, highly-recognized Research Centers and Universities and one of the main European industrial associations. The project results will therefore lead to a sustainable, as well as economically profitable, green factory framework. The new established paradigm will become a permanent reference point in European Manufacturing.


Start date:2011-10-01
End date: 2014-09-30

Contact: Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Thiede

  last changed 05.11.2019
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