Sustainable Manufacturing Research Group

The Sustainable Manufacturing Research Group develops methods, digital tools and technologies for the planning and operation of sustainable manufacturing systems and factories. Thereby, all relevant subsystems of factories (production machines and process chains, technical building services and building shell) and their embedment in the urban context are considered in an integrated manner.

Cyber-physical production systems – standing for the dynamic connection of the physical world with digital (cyber) models - build the methodological framework of the research group. This involves metering strategies and models serving different applications on all levels of production (“from machine to factory roof”) as well as innovative visualisation concepts for employees.

Innovative Production Systems

Product individualisation, sustainability and digitalisation as drivers.

Energy Efficiency and Flexibility

 Efficient and flexible usage of different lenergy carriers in production.

Material Efficiency and Substitution

Raw and auxiliary materials as drivers for costs and environmental impact.

Urban Production

Understanding and utilising chances and requirements of urban production.

Intelligent Metering Strategies

Goal-oriented usage of sensors with feasible resolution and IT infrastructure.

Multi-Scale Factory Simulation

 Consistent and coupled Digital Factory I"from process to factory roof".

Data Analytics in Production

Innovative applications through methods and tools of data mining.

Innovative Visualisation Concepts

Transparency and decision support for different stakeholders in companies.

Projects (examples)

  • DaLion – Data-Mining in the production of lithium-ion battery cells 
  • EMKoZell  - Knowledge Management in ProZell Battery Competence Cluster
  • ESIMA – Verbesserte Ressourceneffizienz in der Produktion durch energieautrake Sensorik und Interaktion mit mobilen Anwendern
  • Galvanik 4.0 - Development of a secure and efficient large scale electroplating technology of high-strength connecting elements for the automotive industry
  • 3DEMO - Safe and energy-efficient factories through 3D Emission Monitoring
  • Glyerin II – Development of a glycerol based cutting fluid for different metals
  • MEMAN - Integral Material and Energy Flow MANagement in MANufacturing Metal Mechanic Sector
  • MODAK – Model-based real time data analysis for information transparency and decision-support in the cold chain
  • MultiMaK2 Design and development of assessment tools for ecologically optimized multi-material automotive components for mass production
  • PERFoRM  Production harmonizEd Reconfiguration of Flexible Robots and Machinery 
  • PrioBioKSS – Precision machining with biogenic jatropha oil as cutting fluid
  • SelVliesPro - Development of self-learning production systems/ process control systems regarding a continous production line for processing (recycled) high-performance fibres
  • SiGgI - Silicon Graphite goes Industry
  • SynErgieSynchronized and energy-adaptive production technology for the flexible alignment of industrial processes to a fluctuating energy supply
  • Synus - Methods and Tools for a synergetic coneption and evaluation of industry 4.0-solutions
  • Urban Factory - Resource-efficient factories in cities 2015 - 2018 [BMWi]
  • ViLAr – Use of innovative bio-polymerer solutions for aluminium machining
  • Energy Efficiency in the Digital Factory
  • Cyber-physical management of cooling towers
  • Foundry 4.0


Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Thiede
Sebastian Thiede

+49 531 391 - 7152


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