Future Production Systems

Description and Learning Objectives

Production is currently changing under the influence of a diversity of trends. Examples are new production technologies for customer specific products, the stronger relevance of digitalisation („Industry 4.0/Smart Production“) and sustainability as well as social changes (e.g. demographic change, urbanisation). Based on those trends and changes, new challenges for the producing industry arise: production systems of the future need flexible structures, should incorporate potentials of urban embedment and cyber-physical approaches as well as innovative ways for employee qualification. Thus, an interdisciplinary understanding and the balancing of conflicting goals is crucial. Against this background, the seminar „Future Production Systems“ aims at presenting and discussing diverse approaches in context of future production. After an introducing lecture, the students will work out (in teams of 2-3 persons) written or practical contents which will be presented and discussed in form of a presentation towards the end of the semester. Besides future related contents in the area of production engineering, important soft skills like group work, presentation techniques, scientific work and writing as well as presenting and discussing in English will be fostered.

Figure 1: Factory of the Future Framework (from Herrmann, C., Schmidt, C., Kurle, D., Blume, S., & Thiede, S. (2014). Sustainability in Manufacturing and Factories of the Future. International Journal of precision engineering and manufacturing-green technology, 1(4), 283-292)

Organizational matters & Dates

Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Thiede

Assistents: Marc-André Filz, Niels Martin

Semester: Summer

Time: Introduction lectures on the 09th of April, final presentations on 02rd and 09th of July, tuesdays, 11:30-13:00

Place: CIM-Room at the IWF, Langer Kamp 19b, 1st floor, room 003

Credit points: 5

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