Beisel, D.; Schnieder, E.:
Automotive Generic Hazard List (AGHL).
ICTIS 2011 - 1st International Conference on Transportation Information and Safety , July 2011. Wuhan, China.


The Automotive Generic Hazard List (AGHL) is a new analysis method to identify hazards, based on recent work in the railway domain. The AGHL is organized in a matrix structure. The matrix comprises generic classes of environmental features and their characteristics like rain, condition of the road, traffic routing, intervention strategies and possible accident scenarios. Embedded in a system development process the AGHL can be used in early stages in the development process, e.g. within first concepts of future driving assistance systems. Currently a safety standard for the automotive domain is undergoing the standardization process. The AGHL is able to support the analyzing methods which are recommended by the ISO 26262.