Beisel, D.; Facius, T.; Helling, N.; Schnieder, E.:
Does Today's Driving Education Consider the Requirements for Handling Modern Driving Assistance System?.
ICTIS 2011 - 1st International Conference on Transportation Information and Safety , July 2011. Wuhan, China.


In the context of an investigation made at the Institute for traffic safety and automation engineering, driving training concepts of the classes A (motor cycle) and B (road car) were comparatively examined and regarded Driving Assistance System for the passenger car range. The central question that needed to be answered in the study was, in how far the contents of the current driver training is fit to handle critical driving situations, as it can arise from a malfunction of an assistance system. The investigation comes to the result that both legally prescribed instructional contents and their exam contents are, from present view, not sufficient to respond to the requirements, which are made by modern driver assistance systems to the driver.