Diekhake, P.; Fähndrich, E.; Schnieder, E.; Becker, U.:
SmallCAN: Integrierte Gebäudeautomatisierung durch einheitliches low-Power, low-Cost, OpenSource Feldbussystem.
Automation 2011, Baden-Baden, Deutschland, Juni 2011.


Energy is one of the most significant foundations of today’s society. Since its resources are limited, responsible and efficient energy use has gained high importance over the past years. Especially in buildings the energy consumption can be reduced drastically by applying improved networks between participating appliances. An intelligent building automation system will lead to efficient use of primary energy supplies while offering high saving potentials. Present systems require considerable investments and costs for implementation, operation and maintenance. As a result, building automation systems could not establish themselves on the mass-market, yet. The newly developed SmallCAN bus system addresses the aspects of power consumption while allowing an easy market access through attractive pricing and a new business model. Based on the objective of energy savings in building automation, SmallCAN provides a reliable and universal low-cost field bus system for intelligent building systems, while offering new functionalities and minimizing costs. It is additionally characterized by a low energy consumption and almost unlimited expandability.