Zheng, W.; Müller, J. R.; Tang, T.:
The derivation of safety requirements for the control systems based on the interoperability property of Maglev train.
Comprail 2010 - 12th International Conference on Computer System Design and Operation in the Railway and other Transit Systems, Beijing, September 2010.


With the prospect of new different Maglev train lines to be constructed, the interoperability properties of the Maglev train become the new issue. The safety performance requirement of the Maglev control equipments for interoperability operation was derived based on the objectives of crossing boundary between different lines and the corresponding procedures have been modelled with stochastic Petri nets. Firstly, the whole objectives of crossing boundary of different Maglev lines were defined taking the operation efficiency and safety target into consideration. The train would cross the boundary without decreasing the speed. The operation efficiency and the safety property of the crossing procedure should be guaranteed. In addition, based on the interoperability objectives, the interoperability operation procedure of the Maglev train was specified and the Maglev control equipments used for the interoperability were designed. The control equipments were used to transmit the data between different control systems of different lines. Thirdly, the process of the train passing the boundary of different lines was modelled with the stochastic Petri nets based on the different operation stage of the train. Finally, by means of the simulation of the model, the safety performance requirements of the Maglev control systems were derived based on the defined crossing success rate. Keywords: interoperability, Maglev train, Petri nets, modelling