Detering, S.; Schnieder, E.; Schnieder, L.:
Data Acquisition Method for Simulative Analysis of Traffic Flow Optimizing ADAS.
WCTR - 12th World Conference on Transport Research, Lisboa, Juli 2010.


In recent years initial proposals have been presented for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) which are to optimize traffic flow globally by means of the interaction of autonomous vehicles. This kind of ADAS is hereinafter referred to as traffic assistance system (TAS). For the design, optimization and evaluation of these TAS investigative simulations are necessary. These investigations hold their own set of particular requirements, including the simultaneous consideration of microscopic and macroscopic behavior. Therefore, in this paper a two-level approach for calibration and validation of traffic simulations is presented. Previous calibration and validation methods utilized either microscopic or macroscopic measurement data. Therefore, this contribution presents a new measurement concept that is needed to gather the required data for the suggested two-level approach for calibration and validation. This concept advocates simultaneous data acquisition sourced in both a vehicle (microscopic) and an overall traffic (macroscopic) perspective. First microscopic measurement results obtained by an equipped vehicle are presented. Compared to the current state of the art, the application of the two-level approach for calibration and validation with the gathered microscopic and macroscopic measurement data will enhance the possibilities to investigate the efficiency of TAS and yield results which are characterized by a higher degree of confidence. Keywords: driver behavior, simulation, ADAS, traffic flow, optimization, data acquisition