Schnieder, L.; Schnieder, E.; Stein, C.:
Safety and Security; Two Sides of the Same Coin: Properties and Relations? Characteristics to Refine? Structure of Terminology and Its Perception.
5th Future Security Conference 2010 , S. 65, Berlin, Deutschland, September 2010.


Abstract: In many different standards and publications the subject matter of dependability, including reliability, availability, maintainability and especially safety/security, RAMS(S) for short, is defined by various concepts and terms. Their unambiguous definition can lead to a clear interpretation which facilitates communication of all persons involved in the development of safety-critical applications. By means of concise communication during specification, subsequent implementation as well as the preparation of operating and maintenance manuals negative legal, financial human or social impacts can be avoided. It is the goal of the IGLOS- project to theorize and develop a total new terminology management system on a solid differentiated linguistic basis. This system is intended to facilitate the development of a consistent, unambiguous and multilingual technical terminology which improves communication in scientific or commercial applications. This paper introduces a method for terminological disambiguation and applies it to the terms “safety” and “security”. In the future this helps to improve communication in the domain. Keywords: risk management, standardization, terminology, communication