Beisel, D.; Reuß, C.; Schnieder, E.:
Approach of an Automotive Generic Hazard List.
ESREL 2010 - European Safety & Reliability Conference , Rhodos, Griechenland, September 2010.


ABSTRACT: The Automotive Generic Hazard List (AGHL) is a new analysis method aiming at an identifi-cation of hazards. Embedded in a process of development it has reached its current state of first concepts. Al-though the level of data of its future function is still to be sharpened and mostly subject to experiences so far, one is able to roughly classify hazards with the help of the AGHL. Since the focus of Advanced Driver Assis-tance Systems (ADAS) lies exclusively on the hazards that result from the assistance function itself it is poss-ible to make reutilise and substitute the results of earlier AGHL of ADAS and, if applicable, compare two dif-ferent assistance functions. Furthermore the use of the AGHL allows for a support of requirements of ISO DIS 26262.