Detering, S.; Schnieder, E.:
Requirements for precise simulation models for traffic flow optimizing ADAS.
12th IFAC Symposium on Transportation Systems, S. 467-471, Redondo Beach, USA, September 2009.


The primary goal for driver assistance systems so far has been to increase driving safety and/or the driving comfort. The effects of these driver assistance systems on traffic flow are usually analyzed using traffic simulations. Research literature detailing the laying out of driver assistance systems to optimize traffic flow is less common. Assuming that traffic flow can also be locally optimized through individual driver assistance systems, this paper presents a new type of assistance system for traffic flow adaptive driving. Simulation investigations are necessary for the design, optimization and evaluation of these systems. Previous procedures used for simulation investigations are insufficient for the investigation of these new systems, since these systems have their own set of particular requirements for simulation. Based on the presented system, the requirements are represented by the detailed mapping of car-following behavior as well as the simultaneous consideration of microscopic and macroscopic system behavior.