Hübner, M.; Lück, T.; Schnieder, E.:
Enhanced Optimization of Traffic Flow and Traffic Safety by Means of Cooperative Control.
ITS Polish Congress, Warsaw, Poland, May 2009.


This paper presents a new concept for traffic flow optimization. Traffic flow optimization and road safety are attained by means of car2carcommunication and decentralized vehicle control in the form of a multi-agent system which initially excludes driver input. An optimal traffic situation respecting both traffic flow and traffic safety measures is assured using local (vehicle-level) control algorithms. Consensus algorithms form the core of these control laws. This allows a spatially distributed self-organized vehicles adaption to the current aggregate traffic variables through an ad-hoc communication network. An integral aspect is the mapping of aggregate traffic variables to vehicle-level state variables (such as relative positions, speed). A decision is made concerning a traffic flow optimized formation using game theory approaches and by modeling relative vehicle positions with Petri-Nets. Road safety is therefore improved by the self-adjusting inherent dynamics and the determined formations. This contribution has not been published anywhere else before and is approved by all authors. We, the authors, transfer to the conference organizers all rights to publish and distribute the submitted materials.