Becker, U.; Hänsel, F.; Hübner, M.; Poliak, J.; Schnieder, E.; Weng, Y.; Zhou, Y.:
Dynamic validation of satellite based positioning systems using reference measurement platforms.
In: Gesamtzentrum für Verkehr Braunschweig e. V., Hrsg.: Tagungsband der POSITIONs 2008, Dresden, September 2008.


For the introduction of satellite based localisation regarding safety related applications in transportation, the knowledge of the accuracy of the localisation system as well as its availability and reliability is very important. For the usage of those applications in the regular operation, some safety evaluations are required by the respective traffic safety authority. These two aspects of system and application development will be discussed for the field of ground transportation. According to this, recent approaches for each are presented using concepts of sensor data fusion and formal technologies.