Wegele, S.; Slovák, R.; Schnieder, E.:
Decision support system for optimal real-time dispatching of train operation.
Proceedings of the 2nd International Seminar on Railway Operations Modelling and Analysis, Hannover, März 2007.


The dispatching of a big area in a railway net is a very challenging task because of many constraints that have to be taken into account during decision making. Nowadays dispatching is mainly fulfilled by human operators. None of the algorithmic approaches from the last three decades could solve this task. Their computational complexity or simulation accuracy was insufficient for a practical application. The dispatching method presented in this work brings a new algorithmic approach with practical application. Basing on the optimisation method especially developed for this purpose, optimal dispatching decisions are calculated. The resulting conflict-free timetable can be directly implemented in the railway operation. Additionally the resulting timetable represents an input for the energy saving train speed control