Becker, U.; Hänsel, F.; May, J.; Poliak, J.; Schnieder, E.:
Safe Vehicle Autonomous Localisation for Railway Applications.
Proceedings of the 14th International Symposium Eurnex - Zel 2006 "Towards the Competitve Rail Systems in Europe", S. 198-207, Zilina/Slovak Republic, May 2006.


The presented paper shows an innovative approach to a vehicle autarkic localisation system for railways, providing cost-efficient position information for various safety- or non-safety-related systems especially for protection systems on non-equipped secondary lines in a cost efficient way. This is the main focus of a project called “DemoOrt” which consists of developing a platform with an onboard, autonomous and vehicle-autarkic technology, a reference measuring platform and a safety analysis methodology. This approach integrates and uses available as well as innovative technologies with the main focus on satellite based positioning (GPS, GALILEO2 and EGNOS).