Slovak, R.; El Koursi, E. M.; Tordai, L.; Woods, M.; Schnieder, E.:
SELCAT – a New European Project for Safer Level Crossings.
Proceedings of the 9th International Level Crossing Safety and Trespass Prevention Symposium, Montréal/Canada, 10.-14.09.2006 2006.


The paper presents the objectives, relevance and impact of the planned new European project SELCAT (Safer European Level Crossing Appraisal and Technology), submitted to the 6th Framework programme of the European Commission.

SELCAT as a Co-ordination Action involving 18 partners from 8 European countries and Japan aims to collect, analyse and disseminate existing world-wide research results and to stimulate new knowledge exchange in the area of level crossing safety. It intends to propose a standard for reporting level crossing accidents in European countries as well as to set up a common level crossing accident information system. The planned project will examine the potential for, and practicability of, existing and new technologies to improve the safety and also the applicability of risk and cost-benefit analysis methods. The activities of SELCAT should lead directly to the improvement and expansion of inter-modal collaboration between the road and rail sectors.

The presentation will outline the project’s work programme and main elements of the study. Beside the organisation of specific workshops, special conference sessions, information campaigns will be one of the instruments for project result dissemination setting up a thematic Level Crossing web portal. The paper describes in more detail the structure, usability and information content of this information system paying special attention to the proposed format for accident/incident reporting.

The project proposal SELCAT was recently positively evaluated by the European Commission and is currently in the negotiation phase for funding to commence in the second quarter of 2006.