Schnieder, E.; Janhsen, A.; Jopke, K.; Kiefer, J.; Kiriczi, S.; Leinhos, D.; Schielke, A. G.:
Impact of advanced system and engineering to the design of modern railway operations control systems.
In: Murthy, T. K. S.; Mellit, B.; Brebbia, C . A.; Sciutto. G.; Sone, S., Hrsg.: Computers in Railways IV; Vol. 2: Railway Operations, S. 221-229, Dezember 1994. Madrid, Computational Mechanics Publications.


A promising and practicable basis to perform an evolutional way of system development with respect to grown structures and existing infrastructure is shown in thies paper. Therefore, structured methods together with herarchical orders are invented using separation of funtion and impementation as an unavoidable preequitie. The paper shows the application of the outlined modeling policies to several different aspects of railway operations control systems (train control system, safety proof for maglev train operation system, train localization, satellite navigation). A brief outlook is given on how these policies can also be used for the increase of efficiency in design and impementation.