Hänsel, F.; Poliak, J.; Slovak, R.; Schnieder, E.:
Reference Case Study "Traffic Control Systems" for Comparison and Validation of Formal Specifications Using a Railway Model Demonstrator.
In Ehrig, H. et al., Hrsg.: Integration of Software Specification Techniques for Applications in Engineering.
Bandnummer 3147 von Serie LNCS-Band. Springer Verlag GmbH, S. 96-119, 2004.


As domain modelling has been identi ed as a key issue for putting formal speci cation techniques into engineering practice, two reference case studies were elaborated within the research programme \Integration of Software Speci cation Techniques for Applications in Engineering". One of them, coming from the railway transportation control domain and using an example of a radio based level crossing control system, was developed at the Institute of Trac Safety and Automation Engineering. A physical railway model demonstrator was designed and developed as a means of comparison and validation for the formal speci cations coming from partners involved in the research program.