Braun, I.; König, S.:
A Multi-Agent-Based Management and Operation System for Rail Transport.
Proceedings of the 5th European Congress and Exhibition on Intelligent Transport Systems and Services - HITS 2005/01.-03.06.2005, Hannover, 2005.


Based upon the paradigm of evolutionary systems, a concept for the design of an integrated and selforganizing organization and operation concept for rail freight transport named DOGMA was developed. It follows the goal to enhance attraction of rail transport services to customers from growth markets, providing an alternative to road transport. For proof of concept, an experimental platform was realized, containing a middleware for evolutionary systems which provides generic functionality for realizing and operating evolutionary systems. Initial simulation results show the feasibility of the DOGMA concept. Here, the integration of the physical railway demonstrator of the Institute for Transport Safety and Automation is of major relevance for showing the integration of real time components into an agent based planning system.