Ganzelmeier, L.; Helbig, J.:
New approaches for vehicle testing by autonomously driven cars.
Proceedings of the 5th European Congress and Exhibition on Intelligent Transport Systems and Services/ 01.-03.06.2005, Hannover, S. CD-ROM, 2005.


Vehicle testing becomes constantly more important for the automobile industry. Newest research results within the area of vehicle guidance will offer vehicle control systems particularly for the area of vehicle testing. With electronically guided vehicles the accuracy and the reproducibility of vehicle tests will be improved, execution is relieved and so far not feasible, but necessary test procedures are made possible for the first time. One of it for example is driving two vehicles precisely synchronized in arbitrary constellations to each other. This is a testing constellation, which is necessary for the programming of future driver assistant systems. For the first time vehicle testing with one or more automatically driven vehicles becomes possible. The developed nonlinear robust controllers for longitudinal and lateral vehicle guidance are universally applicable for all vehicles. Adjustments to the respective vehicle type do not have to be made.