Jaap, S.; Bechler, M.; Kleinschmidt, A.; Hänsel, F.; Ganzelmeier, L.:
Evaluation of Typical Road Telematics Scenarios on a Freeway.
In: GZVB, Hrsg.: Tagungsband der IMA 2004 - Informationssysteme für mobile Anwendungen, S. 219-237, 2004. IMA 2004 - Informationssysteme für mobile Anwendungen, 20.-21.10.2004, Braunschweig.


Besides typical applications in vehicular environments, the Internet access for vehicles using inter-vehicle communication system is neccessary. In this paper, we propose emulations of such netword models for two "typical" communication scenarios on a freeway: a freeway with a high traffic flow and a congested freeway. Based on these models, we evaluate the performance of TCP and a web application in both scenarios. This evaluation allows an estimation of the communication performance vehicular applications can expect for the communication with the Internet