Slovak, R.; Wegele, S.; May, J.; Schnieder, E.:
Safety Analysis by Stochastic Petri Nets Model Steady State Evaluation.
In: Fachbereich Informatik der Universität Dortmund, Hrsg.: Forschungsberichte - Workshop on Stochastic Petri Nets and Related Formalisms; Eindhoven, 28.-29.06.2003, S. 1-12, 2003. Satellite Workshop of ICALP 2003.


The paper deals with a formal approach to the safety analysis of a level crossing example based on Stochastic Petri Nets modelling. Taking an example of a level crossing it will be shown, how the human behaviour of car driver can bi integratedin the methodical design concept based on PROcess, FUNctional and Dependability modelling (PROFUND). Due to the usage of a special class of stochastic Petri nets a qualitative, as well as a quantitative model analysis according to the requirements of European railway safety standards (CENELEC) ist supported. A special focus is given to the evaluation method using steady state analysis of a stochastic Petri net model. Presentation of the analysis results shows the influence of the human behaviour and of attributes of the functional design parameters on the resulting operational risk value.