Horstmann, M.; Schnieder, E.:
Concept for interlacing test and/with design for automotive embedded control systems.
Tagungsband der EURO-SIW, S. 70, nur Abstracts, 2003. EURO-SIW.


For pure software development a V-Model driven development process has been established. For embedded automotive systems this process is not directly portable, it needs to be adjusted to the special hybrid character (in sense of software/electronic environment/mechanical environment and discret/continous). This paper presents a concept for a testing process that is oriented to the V-Model and which presumes a model based development process. It has the following three characteristics: · Strong integration of test and development process, abdication of special test management tools · Test as early as possible, e.g. allows a model based development process first acceptance tests at a very early stage · Reuse of test sequences at different abstraction layers and tool flexibility by tool-coupling By these three characteristics, the test process can be improved, synergies between test process and system development can be obtained. For certain test stages traditional methods, e.g. manual test sequence specification are used.