Becker, U.; Rodic, A.; Schnieder, E.:
Integrated Modeling of Driver-Assisted Control Systems.
In: Zentrum für Verkehr der TU Braunschweig, Hrsg.: Automatisierungs- und Assistenzsysteme für Transportmittel, S. S. 108-129, Februar 2002. 3. Braunschweiger Symposium vom 27./28. 2. 2002, VDI Verlag.


In the paper the integrated modeling of the driver-vehicle interactive system is presented. Modeling of such complex, hybrid biological-technical system is necessary for advanced design of high-tech intelligent driver-assisted control systems. Modeling of driver-vehicle system was based on the knowledge of spatial vehicle dynamics as well as on the model of the psychological and physiological behaviour of the car's human operator. In order to increase the entire model accuracy, the applyed models of road vehicle and human operator were upgraded by addition of the complementary artificial neural networks (ANN). The role of the ANNs in the scope of the whole system model is to ensure the better identification of the non-liner nature of the observed system as well as in order to better emulate the real driver's behaviour as an element that represents a specific biological system. Modeling of this bio-technical system gives a new perspectives in designing of the new stability-safety control system with significant improving the control performances.