Becker, U.; Braun, I.; Schnieder, E.; Gläser, S.:
Analysis and Modeling of a Fleet Management System of an Airport Shuttle Service.
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Computer-Aided Scheduling in Public Transport - CASPT 2000, Juni 2000. Berlin/Germany.


Traffic congestion is becoming increasingly critical, not only to the driving public and to traffic planners but especially to transportation companies, while in the short-term infrastructural resources are expected to remain the same. From 1991 to 1997 the freight traffic (in tkm) on German roads increased about 22.8% while the total length of the entire German road network (in km) expanded only about 2.1%. Simultaneously, railway freight traffic in fact decreased about 9,1% (cf. [2]). Because competition amongst members of the transportation sector has become more fierce, the management of these companies is forced to look for short-term solutions such as stand-alone systems. Such a solution might be a fleet management system which enables dispatchers to manage their vehicle pool more efficiently. The development of such a complex system requires a tool for system description that mirrors its intricate complexity and can bring the varying points of view of customer and developer to a common point; i.e. a prototype which encompasses the ideas of both parties. This paper describes the engineering of a fleet management system by means of a methodical approach and the implementation of the system for an airport shuttle service.