Schnieder, E.; Bikker, G.; Schroeder, M.:
Satellite-based train control.
Computers in Railways VII - COMPRAIL 2000, S. 3 - 9, September 2000. Bologna/Italien, WITPRESS.


Within the context of the advancing European harmonisation in the field of track bound traffic an interoperable control system, the European Train Control System (ETCS), has been specified. The stepwise realisation of this concept will enable a more efficient transnational rail traffic, whereby however significant implementation and migration efforts have to be done. By the use of new technologies within the area of signalling and radio based train control the trackside infrastructure will decrease. Besides, regarding the chances and possibilities of satellite based location methods, the base of such an efficient control system could also be used in non-European regions. In non European nations requirements for economical control systems in rail traffic exist as well. Due to the spatial width and scare infrastructure for example in the "dark areas " of the United States or Australia the technical concept, optimised for Europe, cannot be transferred in its present large-scale technology. In conclusion, for these fields of application low cost train control systems have to designed, which are based on scaleable components like communication and location as presented in the following with reference to an adaptable availability, reliability and safety.