Hänsel, F.; König, S.; Slovak, R.; Schnieder, E.:
A Railway Demonstrator Model for Experimental Validation of Integrated Specification Techniques.
In: Schnieder, E., Hrsg.: Workshop on Software specification of safety relevant transportation control tasks, S. 23-34, 2003.


New trends in train control systems are determined in using software. The high standards in reliability of such safety relevant systems lead therefore to high requirements in software reliability. Today's methods in software-engineering are not sufficient to avoid software- failures completely. Therefore testing is necessary. Testing the software in real applications of train control is mostly too large-scaled and also not flexible enough in providing certain operational conditions which are required for testing. Otherwise using only a software environment in testing does not allow realistic results in respect to the implementation. Testing by using a hardware model should be a golden mean in solving these problems efficiently. With the purpose to validate different control algorithms specified by different project groups in real operating conditions a railway demonstrator model is being realised at the Institute of Automatio n and Control Engineering of Technical University of Braunschweig. In the paper the conceptual task of the realisation concerning specification of the target operational behaviour and the derivation of functional structure of the railway model will be presented. According to the users requirements several utilisation options are being considered. Furthermore the implementation of the concept in the physical realisation will be shown.