Schnieder, E.; Slovak, R.; Decknatel, G.:
Performance analysis of moving and fixed block systems using hybrid petri nets simulation.
Tagungsband des 8. Internationalen Symposiums Zel 2001: Eisenbahn an der Schwelle zum Dritten Jahrtausend, S. 27-40, Zilina, Mai 2001. Zilina/Slowakei 27.-29.05.01.


The paper describes the performance analysis of moving and fixed block system using a multitrain simulator which integrates the continous and descrete aspects of railway systems. The language we used for building the simulator is based on hig-level Petri nets. In addition to the usual features of Petri nets, we introduced continous transistions which are able to manipulate real-valued attributes of tokens. We outline two methods for simulating the hybrid models with a standard Petri net tool, one of which uses duscrete events.