Däubler, L.; Schnieder, E.:
Hypernet: A Distributed Engineering Tool for Collaborative Modelling with Petri Nets.
In: Baake, U. F.; Zobel, R. N.; Al-Akaidi, M., Hrsg.: ECEC 2000 Concurrent Engineering in the Framework of it Convergence, S. 183-186, Delft, ''7 2000. Leicester.


Due to the rising number of joint projects in product development there is a high demand fo collaborative-aware engineering tools supporting the cooperation of locally distributed expert teams. Thus, the technologies of CSCW (computer supported collaborative work) and Internet are more and more adopted in the product development process. Especially in the field of CAD there exist many collaborative encironments and groupware tools. In this paper we present the HyperNet tool which meets the demands of simultaneous and distributed modelling with Petri nets. The applicability of HyperNet as a tool for the formal specification of automation systems with Petri nets was shown in different projects.