Einer, S.; Meyer zu Hörste, M.; Schnieder, E.:
Potenziale "Formaler Methoden" für die Eisenbahnsicherung.
Tagungsband des 8. Internationalen Symposiums Zel 2001, S. 145-156, Zilina, Mai 2001. Zilina/Slowakei 27.-29.05.2001.


High demands on innovation of railway control systems leads to the necessity of using formal methods in their operation and development process. This paper explains the different tasks within the domain of train control, which can be supported by formal methods. Then the contextual meaning of formal methods is described. The variety of applications in this domain is explained on the one hand by working out the potentials of formal methods and on the other hand by the classification of different experiences. The contribution shows as well the state of the art as the requirements to future work.