Fay, A.; Schnieder, E.; Janhsen, A.:
Application of expert knowledge for train dispatching decision support.
AIENG '96, Proceedings of the11th Int. Conference on Application of Artificial Intelligence in Engineering, S. 90-99, Southampton, ''6 1996. Clearwater, 11. - 13.9.1996, Wessex Institute of Technology, Computational Mechanics Publications.


Within the research project DISPOS we are developing a dispatchin system for use in railway operation control systems of high-speed maglev-trains. In case of any automatically detected operating conflict, this support systems should be able to work out dispatching proposals using time compressing simulation supported by an expert system. Therefore, it makes use of a time compressing simulation and an expert system. The solutions are presented to the dispatcher by an optimally designed human-computer interface. To achieve an optimal solution of conflict situations, the simulation tool is triggered by the knowledge-based system to solve the conflict by iteration. Thus, the effects of possible dispatching actions can be pre-evaluated. The intelligent assistant system DISPOS supports the dispatcher by the proposal of sound, validated and traceable disposition measures. The results of DISPOS will significantly improve traffic performance, reliability and customer satisfaction.