Sprodowski, T.;Mayet, A.;Pannek, J.;:
Evaluation of the Performance of Heuristic Algorithms in an Intersection Scenario.
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference LDIC 2018, S. 341-346, 2018. Springer Verlag.


Autonomous vehicles are gaining more and more interest, as from the logistic perspective, transportation costs may be reduced and safety increased, if the underlying techniques and algorithms are capable to handle such complex scenarios. In this paper, we consider an intersection scenario with autonomous connected vehicles that cross an intersection without any central control or traffic lights. The intersection as the operation space is discretised into a set of equidistant cells. Therefore, to avoid collisions, the vehicles reserve cell indices which are communicated in each time instant. We evaluate analytical and heuristic path planning algorithms to measure the performance criteria in simulations with respect to system aspects, i.e. execution time and memory consumption, and solution quality.