Song, H.; Schnieder, E.:
Development and Evaluation procedure of the Train-centric Communication based System.
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. VOL. 68(3), S. 2035-2043, März 2019.


Railway transport is reaching an important development stage worldwide. While different kinds of technologies have been applied to the train control system, the development and evaluation procedure remains a challenge. This paper aims to introduce main issues associated with the train control system's challenges, development and implementation, and evaluation methodology. A universal procedure is proposed to assist the development and evaluation of the train-centric communication based system. After introduced the state of the art and challenges, the train-centric communication control system is discussed. The possibly solutions associated with the train-centric communication system are illustrated in the system implementation process. Afterwards, Petri nets method is introduced to assist the system development. To evaluate the system, various evaluation methodologies are discussed, and a case study is given to do the illustration. It is hoped that this paper can help the researchers to analyze the current state, identify future goals, and refine the architectures and technologies for smart rail transportation.