Dodinoiu, A.; Wagner, J.; Geffert, A.; Lu, D.; Spiegel, D.; Becker, U.:
Receiver Quality Identification for Railway Safety-Related Applications.
European Journal of Navigation. (Vol. 15 No 2), S. 11-16, August 2017.


GNSS will provide a growing range of opportunities in the railway sector, especially in the area of safety applications over the next years. Therefore, both evaluation and certification of GNSS receivers become necessary for safety confirmation. However, the railway area with its multiple obstacles along the track provides a challenging environment for GNSS receivers, which requires deeper investigation. For the evaluation of GNSS receiver performance, the modeling of the measurement environment is of avail. Therefore, a new tool chain has been developed to enable an efficient modeling of the surroundings. Furthermore, this methodology allows a first receiver-independent estimation of the environment.